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For The Love Of Afro, Curls, Kinks & Coils ❤️‍🔥
For The Love Of Afro, Curls, Kinks & Coils ❤️‍🔥
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Extra Lift Double Row Afro Pick Comb

Colour: Black



A Double Row Afro Pick Comb is a hairstyling tool designed specifically for curly and textured hair, particularly afro-textured hair. It typically features two rows of prongs or teeth, spaced closely together, to help detangle and shape natural curls.

The double rows of prongs on the Afro Pick Comb are designed to capture and detangle more hair with each pass. Comb through the hair in a downward motion, following the natural curl pattern.

How to Use

Comb from the tips or ends of your hair. Gradually work your way up towards the roots, gently detangling any knots or kinks as you go. Take your time, especially if your hair is prone to tangling.