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For The Love Of Afro, Curls, Kinks & Coils ❤️‍🔥
For The Love Of Afro, Curls, Kinks & Coils ❤️‍🔥
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10pcs Professional Styling Comb Set

Colour: Black



10 pcs Essential combs set provides a versatile approach to hair care and styling.

These combs are excellent for creating various hairstyles, such as sleek ponytails or intricate braids.

Experiment with different combs to achieve the desired look and enjoy the flexibility and professional touch that this set brings to your hairstyling routine.

How to Use

Begin by selecting the comb that best suits your styling needs; these sets often include a variety of combs with different tooth widths and shapes. For detangling, start with a wide-toothed comb on damp, conditioned hair to minimise breakage.

Use the finer-toothed combs for precision styling or parting. Section your hair as needed and comb through each section gently, working from the tips to the roots.