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For The Love Of Afro, Curls, Kinks & Coils ❤️‍🔥
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Guide des tailles

Hair Extension

How do I accurately measure the length of hair extension?

When choosing the length of your weave, you need to take into consideration the texture and style that you would like to achieve.

Weaves are measured from the weft (root) to the end of the hair. For wavy/ curly texture hair, pull the weft straight to get an accurate measurement as demonstrated in the picture below.

Wavy hair is usually about 2inches shorter than straight hair when it falls, and curly hair dependent on the curl pattern will fall even shorter.

How many bundles do I need?

Our recommendation:

  • Use 2 bundles for wigs between 10"– 14"
  • Use 3 bundles for wigs between 16" – 18"
  • Use 3 – 4 bundles for wigs between 20" – 30"

If you’re going for a layered look and are using 3 or more bundles, we recommend that you purchase 2 bundles of the longest length to avoid you wig appearing thinner at the ends.

How do I determine what size wig cap to get?

You will need a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head. When measuring, make sure that the tape is not wrapped too tightly around your head otherwise your wig may be small fitting.  

Measuring guide:

  • If you have long hair, tie it up in a ponytail to get it out of the way. 
  • Starting from the middle of your hairline, then down to the side behind your ear, down to the nape of your neck. Up behind the other ear and round to the front. 
  • The result of where the tape meets is going to be your circumference.
  • Measure twice to be sure your measure is the same it time.   

We have two cap size options:

S (21" – 22")

M (22” – 23”)

Waist Trainer

Waist trainer size guide

Vest waist trainer size guide?